Initiative Signing Ceremony between Asian-China Education and Culture Association (ACEC Association) & Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU) ACEC与泰国普吉皇家大学签署合作倡议

Thursday August 25, 2022

August 25, 2022

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2022年8月25日,亚洲一带一路文化教育合作促进会(ACEC Association)与泰国普吉皇家大学(Phuket Rajabhat University, PKRU)签署一带一路产学研合作倡议。



随后,在双方人员见证下,ACEC执行会长杨程成先生与普吉皇家大学亚努莎拉博士(Dr. Anusara Sawangchai)正式签署合作倡议。本次合作倡议的内容将进一步推动ACEC与普吉皇家大学的合作进展,双方将成为参与推动跨文化交流与产学研合作的有力伙伴。



On 25 August 2022, Asian-China Education and Culture Association (ACEC Association) & Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU) signed the Belt and Road Industry-Academia-Research Collaboration Initiative.

Phuket Rajabhat University was established in Phuket, Thailand in 1972. The main purpose is to train teachers and be responsible for education and scientific research in Phuket, Changwat Buriram and LamPang Province. The main undergraduate majors are industrial management, information technology, electronic technology, business administration, construction technology, etc. It is a well-known Thailand university certified by the Ministry of Education of China.

ACEC's operation team also participated in this symposium remotely and provided feasible solutions and suggestions on the methods, content and timing of industry-academia-research collaboration between the two sides, which was highly recognized by the team of Phuket Rajabhat University.

Later, witnessed by the personnel of both parties, Mr. Yang Chengcheng, the Executive Regional Director of ACEC, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Anusara Sawangchai of Phuket Rajabhat University formally signed the cooperation initiative. The content of this cooperation initiative will further promote the cooperation between ACEC and Phuket Rajabhat University, and both parties will become strong partners in promoting cross-cultural exchanges and industry-university-research cooperation.

After the signing ceremony, the Phuket Rajabhat University team visited the teaching venue, conference center, international expert service center, and facilities of the industry-academia-research collaboration base of ACEC in Kuala Lumpur, and experienced Chinese culture at the same time. This experience, as the pioneer of the cross-cultural cooperation project between the two parties, represents the mutual benefit of the two parties in the future.