About Us


The vision of the Asia China Education and Culture (ACEC) Association is to foster regional development and enhance the lives of local residents through cultural and educational cooperation. ACEC envisions a future where nations along the "Belt and Road" initiative collaborate seamlessly to create a thriving ecosystem of knowledge sharing, innovation, and socio-economic growth.


The mission of ACEC Association is to establish a robust platform for Industry-Academia-Research-funded cooperation that serves as an overseas base for international academic and research collaborations. ACEC aims to facilitate expert exchange, mobility programs, international internships, and study abroad opportunities, promoting cultural understanding and educational excellence among participating nations.


  1. Facilitate Collaboration: ACEC seeks to create a platform where experts from various sectors, including governments, public universities, industries, and organizations, can come together to generate innovative research ideas and solutions. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders, ACEC aims to strengthen ties and facilitate effective knowledge sharing among participating countries.

  2. Research Collaboration: ACEC aims to establish a systematic framework for research collaboration, enabling the sharing of resources, research findings, and results among partner nations in the "Belt and Road" region. By promoting interdisciplinary research and encouraging the dissemination of knowledge, ACEC strives to contribute to the advancement of education, culture, and regional development.

  3. Cultural and Educational Projects: ACEC endeavors to create a dedicated platform for Asian countries along the "Belt and Road" to collaborate on cultural and educational initiatives. Through joint projects, ACEC aims to enhance cultural exchange, promote educational opportunities, and nurture mutual understanding among diverse communities. ACEC also seeks to support initiatives that promote sustainable development and social well-being in the region.

  4. Knowledge Transfer: ACEC recognizes the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise among participating nations. By organizing expert exchange programs, mobility initiatives, international internships, and study abroad opportunities, ACEC aims to foster the transfer of knowledge and skills. This objective will not only benefit individuals but also contribute to the overall development of human capital in the participating countries.

  5. Advocacy and Partnerships: ACEC aims to serve as an advocate for cultural and educational cooperation, raising awareness about the significance of collaboration in achieving regional development and improved quality of life. ACEC seeks to establish partnerships with governments, educational institutions, industries, and organizations to build a strong network of supporters who share the vision of the association.

Through these collective efforts, ACEC strives to build a strong foundation for cultural and educational collaboration, driving socio-economic growth, and creating a prosperous future for the nations along the "Belt and Road" initiative.