The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between ACEC, ACLC, and Huawei Malaysia ACEC与ACLC、马来西亚华为合作协议签署仪式暨产学研项目启动会隆重举行

Monday December 05, 2022

December 05, 2022

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On November 25, 2022, the Asia China Education and Culture (ACEC) Association, the Asia Center for Leadership and Civilization (ACLC), and Huawei Malaysia's industry-academia-research cooperation development forum were held at the Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Tan Sri Lee Jin You, founder and chairman of Malaysia Country Heights Holdings Bhd, Liu Qingsong, president of Huawei ASEAN Academy, Yang Chengcheng, executive chairman of the (ACEC) Association, and Han Bin, chairman of the Singapore-based office, and chief executive of ACLC Raven attended the event. At the meeting, the three parties caught up with each other, talked about cooperation and planned for the future, signed an agreement on industry-academia-research cooperation, and participated in the project kick-off meeting.

Tan Sri Lee Jin You also accepted the honorary title of ACEC honorary chairman after witnessing the signing of the cooperation agreement by the three parties.

Tan Sri Lee Jin You delivered a speech at the meeting. He pointed out that the leadership of leaders from all walks of life in Malaysia comes from the consensus of all ethnic groups in Malaysia to tolerate multiculturalism. Therefore, "caring" and "filial piety" are important characteristics of leadership. His love for Malaysian and Chinese culture is one of the reasons why he keeps fighting.

Liu Qingsong said that Huawei Malaysia has cooperated with partners such as ACLC and ACEC for a long time on industry-academia-research projects, and the results produced not only benefit Huawei but also help the development of China and ASEAN countries. He also wished Malaysia a stable and prosperous future.

Yang Chengcheng believes that Malaysian entrepreneurs not only use their rich experience and leadership to expand the cooperation and achievements of industry-academia-research projects to the whole of Asia but even use the advantages of Malaysian culture to expand cooperation to South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other places, which is worth learning. He also revealed that ACEC will carry out more industry-academia-research cooperation between China and ASEAN countries with partners in the future.

Han Bin used many well-known national leaders from ancient China to modern times to explain the leadership characteristics shared by the Chinese. He believes that under the influence of Chinese culture, Chinese leaders, both ancient and modern, have far-sightedness and sagacity, and acted with benevolence and morality. Therefore, it is easier to establish good credit in cooperation.

This event is the beginning of a new industry-academia-research cooperation project between ACEC, ACLC, and Huawei Malaysia, which marks the further mutual benefit of each other in the future, mutual assistance, and cooperation for the development of the three parties, and jointly promotes the deep integration of industry-academia-research cooperation.


2022年11月25日,亚洲一带一路文化教育合作促进会(ACEC)、亚洲领导力与文明中心(Asia Centre for Leadership and Civilization)以及马来西亚华为产学研合作发展座谈会在吉隆坡金马皇宫酒店举办。马来西亚绿野集团创始人和董事长丹斯里李金友、华为东盟学院院长刘青松、亚洲一带一路文化教育合作促进会的执行会长杨程成与驻新加坡主席韩彬,以及亚洲领导力与文明中心首席执行官雷文出席了本次活动。会上,三方叙友情、谈合作、谋未来,就产学研合作方面签署协议,并参与了项目启动会。