First Group of Experts Participate in “China-ASEAN Higher Education Exchange Week - Industry-Academia-Research Collaboration Event (Zhejiang, China)”

Monday August 14, 2023

August 14, 2023

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The first group of experts participated in the “China-ASEAN Higher Education Exchange Week--Industry-Academia-Research Collaboration Event” held in Zhejiang, China on August 6th. The experts engaged in a discussion with the Huzhou Nanxun Science and Technology Bureau today, August 8th.

This event aims to strengthen collaboration in industry, academia, and research between China and ASEAN countries, facilitating cooperation in technology, knowledge, and innovation. Through industry-academia-research collaboration, all parties involved can collectively explore pathways to solving real-world issues, cultivate talent that meets market demands, and promote sustainable development. The successful execution of this event injects new vitality into the partnership between China and Malaysia, providing fresh opportunities for industry-academia-research collaboration.

The organization of this event holds significant importance in advancing higher education and industry-academia-research collaboration between China and ASEAN countries and is expected to create more cooperative opportunities for both sides, achieving mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.