Industry-Academia-Research Collaboration (Zhejiang, China) Experts Visitation to Zhejiang University Huzhou Research Institute

Monday September 11, 2023

September 11, 2023

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Professor Zhao from the National University of Singapore visited Zhejiang University Huzhou Institute on September 7th to participate in the "China-ASEAN Higher Education Exchange Week - Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Activity." The purpose of this event is to promote higher education cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, with a specific focus on opportunities for collaboration in industry, academia, and research. Participants discussed how to advance cross-border cooperation, address global challenges together, and better meet the needs of education and research.

The director of Zhejiang University Huzhou Institute expressed that the institute has been committed to promoting higher education and industry-academia-research cooperation. Through this platform, they hope to strengthen connections with ASEAN countries and jointly promote cooperation in the field of education, nurturing more international talents. During the event, experts in attendance engaged in in-depth discussions on various areas, including educational systems, research collaboration, academic exchanges, and talent development.

This event has opened new doors for higher education exchanges between China and ASEAN countries, paving the way for greater achievements in future collaborations. It provides valuable opportunities for promoting international education cooperation and talent development while laying the groundwork for future partnerships.


浙江大学湖州研究院院长表示,该研究院一直致力于推动高等教育和产学研合作。希望通过这个平台,加强与东盟国家的联系,共同促进教育领域的合作,培养更多的国际化人才。” 活动中,与会专家就教育体系、科研合作、学术交流和人才培养等多个领域进行了深入的讨论。