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Saturday November 20, 2021

admin November 20, 2021

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ICDESL Conference

This conference aims to provide an avenue for academicians, non-academicians, practitioners of government and private agencies in Sarawak to foster and transform their thoughts, ideas and researches into output with potential commercial value to help in the COVID-19 pandemic recovery process for the natural science, engineering and technology, education, humanities and social science-related industries. As for natural science, here are some innovative ideas such as related to agricultural science comprises the invention of new agricultural tool to shorten the crop-cutting period of the farmers. As for engineering, some suggested research papers are artificial intelligence, automation, and process control to industry’s development to improve on the speed and scale of diagnostic tests for COVID-19. The conference is also looking forward to receiving the submission of papers related to innovative technology-driven solutions that caters to a diverse population with varying access to technology. Besides, technology and innovation has been used for enforcing physical distancing interventions, spreading awareness, tracking cases, diagnosing disease, contact tracing, and clinical management of the disease.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hits the tourism sector the hardest and remains highly uncertain. Thus, more innovative ways to better improve tourism are greatly needed. International tourism decreased drastically with travel restrictions, airport closures, and nationwide lockdowns due to the effort to reduce the pandemic. After the widespread pandemic in the first half of the year 2020, at least 93 percent of the global population lived in countries with coronavirus-related travel restrictions, with approximately 3 billion people residing in countries enforcing complete border closures to foreigners. Many impressive actions have been taken to restore the status of various sectors, includes the vast promotion of domestic tourism.

Many countries including Malaysia are developing measures to build a more resilient tourism economy post-COVID-19. These include preparing plans to support the sustainable living recovery of education, tourism, promoting the digital transition, advocating industry support, moving to a greener environmental system, and rethinking good governance in various sectors for the future. Thus, more innovative ways to better improve tourism are greatly needed.

Besides, educators will find innovative ideas and research in this conference to design interesting and effective learning methods during the COVID-19 pandemic season. UiTM Sarawak Branch consists of three campuses: Samarahan 1, Samarahan 2 and Mukah; will collaborate to create the opportunity and platform for innovators specifically among educators to share their ideas and solutions to benefit others in various sectors. Hence, the conference will allow the participants to exchange ideas, commonly analyse different relevant topics, and work rigorously on the further development of their innovative learning projects and initiatives.

As for humanities and social sciences, educators need innovative ideas to overcome problems and maintain the quality of education during the COVID-19 pandemic season. Nowadays, primary, secondary schools and university students are required to stay back at the house having their online learning. The sharing of innovative ideas is especially needed to overcome lack of online learning applications. Thus, the sharing of thoughts, ideas and researches among Sarawakian in natural science, engineering and technology, education, humanities and social sciences are expected to embrace a sustainable and resilient growth pathway for the Sarawak economy.

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