Guilin University of Electronic Technology (GUET) established an online international course of "International Trade Theory and Practice”

Saturday December 04, 2021

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Guilin University of Electronic Technology (GUET) established an online international course of "International Trade Theory and Practice”

In order to increase the international exchange and collaboration of our MBA education, we have reached a collaboration intention with the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS) of the National University of Malaysia (UKM) to carry out collaboration courses. This semester, through mutual consultation, MBA Education Center invited Professor Dr. Sufian Jusoh from UKM to offer the course "International Trade Theory and Practice". Professor Dr. Sufian Jusoh is a Doctor of Law. He is also the Director of IKMAS, international investment law specialist at the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C., senior external fellow at the World Trade Institute in Switzerland, and distinguished fellow at the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia . In accordance with the training program, the course features eight online lectures designed to help MBA students understand the current state of contemporary international economic and trade developments and become familiar with prevailing international trade rules and practices.

In the course, Professor Dr. Sufian Jusoh explained to the full-time MBA students the changes in economic trends and international trade trends after the outbreak of the pandemic.

During the class, the full-time MBA students actively interacted with Professor Dr. Sufian Jusoh to discuss how they could better conduct international trade activities in the current international environment. During the learning process, the students grasped the basic professional knowledge more clearly, distinguished the difference between import and export business accurately, and had a deeper understanding of international trade.

Professor Dr. Sufian Jusoh provided MBA students with a feast of knowledge combining global vision and economic development reality with his profound knowledge and rich real-life cases.

Source: (我校开设《国际贸易理论与实务》线上国际课-桂林电子科技大学MBA教育中心 (



为加强我校MBA教育国际交流与合作,我校与马来西亚国立大学马来西亚国际研究学院达成合作意向,开展合作课程。本学期,经双方协商,MBA教育中心邀请马来西亚国立大学Sufian Jusoh教授开设《国际贸易理论与实务》课程。Sufian Jusoh教授,法学博士,马来西亚国际研究学院院长,华盛顿特区世界银行集团国际投资法专家、瑞士世界贸易研究所高级外部研究员、马来西亚外交部外交和外交关系研究所杰出研究员。按照培养计划,课程共设置八次线上讲座,旨在帮助MBA学生了解当代国际经济贸易的发展现状,熟悉通行的国际贸易规则和惯例。

课程中,Sufian Jusoh博士为全日制MBA学生讲解了新冠肺炎疫情爆发后经济趋势的变化和国际贸易发展趋势。

在课堂中,全日制MBA同学们积极与Sufian Jusoh博士互动,探讨在现有的国际环境下,如何能够更好的进行国际贸易活动。在学习过程中,同学们更加清晰的掌握了基本的专业知识,准确区分进出口业务的差别,对于国际贸易的理解更加深刻。

Sufian Jusoh博士以渊博的学识,结合丰富的现实案例,为MBA同学提供了全球化视野与经济发展现实相结合的知识盛宴。

转自:(我校开设《国际贸易理论与实务》线上国际课-桂林电子科技大学MBA教育中心 (