Smart City Hybrid Forum

Friday May 20, 2022

May 20, 2022

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Smart City Hybrid Forum

In order to further develop cooperation between industrial-academia-research, as well as to assist the development and upgrading of the China-ASEAN electronic information industry, the “China-ASEAN Alliance of Universities for Electronic Information Innovation”  and “Asia China Education & Cultural Association”  jointly organise the “China-ASEAN Industrial-Academia-Research Cooperation Forum”. Together with Huawei, Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Malaysia, Malaysian Technology Development Centre, Universiti Teknologi Mara, and Malaysia Institute of Transport,  all these parties are joining hands to establish significant and interactive forums in coming weeks.

为了深入展开产学研合作、助力中国-东盟电子信息产业发展和升级,中国-东盟信息港电子信息人力培养与科技创新联盟” 与 亚洲一带一路文化教育合作促进会” 联合举办《中国-东盟产学研合作论坛》,携手华为,马来西亚科技革新部,马来西亚科技发展中心,玛拉工艺大学和马来西亚交通运输中心等重量级合作单位为您打造3场崭新的互动平台,紧贴科技动脉。

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